O2 Case Study

illion Digital Tech Solutions helped O2 to devise and launch ‘Pay by SMS’, a ground-breaking PCI compliant collections process.

Vodafone Case Study

illion Digital Tech Solutions helped Vodafone to reduce collections OPEX costs and reduce involuntary churn from new customers.

EDF Energy Case Study

illion Digital Tech Solutions helped EDF Energy to improve the early stage collections rate and increase the volumes of cash collected earlier in the process.


Telco customers often feel that the payments and collections channel is disjointed from the rest of the brand experience. A tailored collections experience can turn what was traditionally a negative process into a rewarding one.


Unlike the retail sector, where passion and emotion drive most decisions, customers rarely jump at the chance to hand their money to a utility provider. Improvements to the customer journey can be made with frictionless payment solutions.


The customer journey in banking can be one of the longest in the brand-to-customer ecosystem, possibly lasting from pocket money to pension. If a customer misses a payment or is in danger of missing one, then this can often be a defining moment in the relations a customer has with their bank.


illion Digital Tech Solutions’ ‘Pay by SMS’ is a PCI-compliant payment solution for customers with a payment due or those in collections. With Pay by SMS, customers can use pre-registered debit or credit payment cards to easily and quickly pay their outstanding bills.


Webpay is a one-click, personalised payment channel that delivers mobile and web-based options for bill payments and collections. Organisations can now offer their customers a branded, intuitive payment portal, fully-optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop, that makes bills easier and quicker to pay.


With up to 10% of direct debits canceled after the initial sign-up and 3-5% failing every month, insurance providers need to look at new ways to pay. There is now a real opportunity to use strategic technology solutions and new ways of operating to encourage loyalty and increase revenues.