Over 30 years of global industry intelligence

illion Digital Tech Solutions has been delivering flexible, self-service digital communications and payments solutions to some of the world’s largest financial services, telecoms, government and utility organisations since 1986.

EDF Energy, EnergyAustralia, HSBC, Telefonica and Vodafone are just some of the companies that have reduced collections costs and improved customer engagement with illion Digital Tech Solutions.

Furthermore, over 600 libraries globally use illion Digital Tech Solutions’ award winning i-tiva system.


illion Digital Tech Solutions has 30 years of expertise in customer engagement, payments and collections

illion Digital Tech Solutions delivers critical payment services to over 40 companies, including some of the world’s largest blue chips

The average number of people illion Digital Tech Solutions contacts each month is 9.3 million



  • 1986

    TALKINGTECH founded

    TALKINGTECH founded in Hamilton, New Zealand by Ray Stark


    First payments solution

    First payments and collections solution was developed for Telecom NZ

  • 1991

    Software-based solution

    TALKINGTECH's first software-based, multi-contact solution was launched


    i-tiva launched

    TALKINGTECH's interactive communications system for libraries was launched

  • 2001

    First UK customer

    Singlepoint starts using TALKINGTECH's collections service



    O2 becomes a customer and remains so to this day

  • 2005

    Global Expansion

    Operations in Australia, Europe, NZ, North America and South Africa


    TALKINGTECH Foundation

    The TALKINGTECH Foundation is established

  • 2010

    Good Shepard School

    The Good Shepard School, funded by the TALKINGTECH Foundation opens


    PCI DSS Compliance

    TALKINGTECH proudly achieves PCI DSS Level 1 certification

  • 2013

    VISA merchant agent

    TALKINGTECH becomes a Visa Merchant Agent


    Pay by SMS

    Pay by SMS channel launched

  • 2015

    Innovation Lab

    TALKINGTECH launches a permanent Innovation Lab, based in New Zealand


    30TH Anniversary!

    TALKINGTECH celebrates its 30-year anniversary

  • 2016


    Webpay payment channel launched



    TALKINGTECH acquired by illion

  • 2019


    TALKINGTECH rebranded as illion Digital Tech Solution