About City of Parramatta: The City of Parramatta Council is a local government area located west of central Sydney and has an estimated population of 226, 149.

Industry: Local Government

Solution: WebPay and Inbound Voice

illion Digital Tech Solutions worked with City of Parramatta to introduce automated, self-service touch points into the collections process

City of Parramatta has been working with illion Digital Tech Solutions since 2012 to drive efficiencies in their collections process.

The existing collections strategy leveraged high cost, advisor-led outbound calling activity. Time and resource constraints meant the council could only contact a small percentage of its overdue customers. The council were looking to drive new efficiencies into the process to reduce OPEX and free up valuable resources.


illion Digital Tech Solutions worked with City of Parramatta to introduce automated, self-service touch points into their collections process.

Customers entering collections have the option to make a payment through WebPay – a one-click, personalised payment channel that delivers mobile and web-based options. Customers are sent an SMS with a unique URL, taking them to a personalised payment portal where they can make a one-off credit or debit card payment without the need to register an account.

All SMS contact contains an inbound IVR number that customers can call to make a payment, providing an automated 24/7 self-service option. The customer is recognised through caller line identification, so they do not need to enter any details.

All payments are processed through a secure, PCI Level 1 accredited payment gateway.



By using illion Digital Tech Solutions, City of Parramatta Council has been able to significantly reduce the amount manual, advisor-led work required, freeing up internal resources to focus on more complex cases.

“Working with illion Digital Tech Solutions has helped us to streamline and simplify our collections process. illion Digital Tech Solutions enabled us to automate a manual task, driving new efficiencies and increasing the amount collected, while providing a customer-centric collections platform for City of Parramatta Council”.

– Melissa Nimmo, Senior Debt Recovery Officer 

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